Katrina and Adrianna claim that their mother, Monica, is abusive, irresponsible, and sometimes disappears for days at a time.

“My mom wouldn’t call,” says Katrina. “We would just be really concerned about her.”

Their brother, Laron, claims that Monica lies frequently, doesn’t pay her bills, and is a “combative person,” whose “hostility knows no bounds,” which Monica adamantly denies.

“I just want my mom to acknowledge to me and my siblings all the damage she’s done so that we can move forward and have a relationship with her,” he says.

Laron and his sisters also claim that Monica often calls them disparaging names and uses racial slurs.

“I don’t just do that with Black people. I do it with everybody,” says Monica in the video above.

When Monica says, “Don’t label me a racist,” how do her children respond?

And later, what do Monica, Katrina, and Adrianna say happened that tore their family apart?

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