Tommy claims his mother’s husband, David, is a coward, abusive, and verbally degrading. “I can’t even be in the same room,” he says.

Claiming the earliest memory he has of David was of him “making out” with his mother, Margaret, while she was still married to Tommy’s father, Tommy says, “And I spit on him, and I said ‘No – that’s my daddy’s wife!’ And he picked me up, and he thrashed me around like a rag-doll.”

“My stepson is a total nutcase,” claims David. “This kid has called me every name in the book, threatened me, and threatened my wife,” he says.

Margaret says her husband is very impatient “and doesn’t take the time to understand the psychological issues with Tommy.” She claims he “goes out of his way to look for problems with Tommy so he can complain to me about them.”

Margaret says David has told her that if things don’t change “by the end of the month,” he’ll leave.

Does David say he regrets calling Tommy names? Tune in to Monday’s episode.

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