When Tricia, a recovering heroin addict, was sent to prison for reckless homicide, her daughters went to live with her sister, Christy. Christy was granted legal custody of the girls, but Tricia claims they had a verbal agreement to allow Christy to bring them back home after she was back on her feet.

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Tricia, who was released from prison about a year ago, now has a car, an apartment, steady employment and three years’ sobriety, but she says her sister refuses to honor their agreement. Christy denies an agreement ever existed and says she won’t ever give Tricia’s girls back.

“I’m not surprised at all that Christy’s doing to this to Tricia and the children, it’s just very fitting, and it matches everything about Christy’s personality,” says the women’s brother, Mark, who claims Christy is “a very vindictive person,” who is keeping Tricia’s children “out of spite.”

Mark claims that Christy is an alcoholic and a pathological liar and that Tricia’s children are neglected in Christy’s custody, which Christy vehemently denies.

How does Christy respond when Mark accuses her of not feeding the children? Tune in Thursday for the conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil.

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