Mark claims his sister, Christy, is a “very vindictive person” who is refusing to give their sister, Tricia, her children back “out of spite.” Christy has had legal custody of Tricia’s two daughters since Tricia was in prison for reckless homicide. She denies Tricia’s claims that they had a verbal agreement to return the girls to Tricia’s care once she was back on her feet.

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She also vehemently denies Mark’s claims that she’s an alcoholic and a “pathological liar.”

“You say she’s a pathological liar, why do you say that?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Well, we’ve just witnessed it on multiple occasions,” Mark responds, adding, “There was an incident where she had a car accident, and she claimed that somebody had hit her car, and I was told at a later time that she rear-ended a car while driving drunk, and they have video evidence of her doing this and leaving the scene of the accident, and she also faked a pregnancy for the courts.”

Christy denies faking a pregnancy, insisting that she was pregnant and miscarried her ex-husband’s child. Watch the video above to hear her explanation when she’s presented with information that contradicts her claims.

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Woman Denies Faking Pregnancy

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Woman Denies Faking Pregnancy