Karla claims her husband, Stephen, is a narcissist who hides his controlling behavior behind a mask, pretending he’s acting out of love. She says he has lied to and manipulated her throughout their 38-year-marriage.

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Karla says Stephen claims to have lost most of his memory before the age of 21 and can’t remember key events in his life, including reportedly being engaged to another woman before her, the birth of his five children and the house he grew up in. But Karla says she wonders if his claims of losing his memory are also a lie.

WATCH: Man Admits He Has 'Played Mind Games,' And Lied To His Wife During 38-Year-Marriage

In the video above, Dr. Phil shares his thoughts on whether memory loss exists in the way Stephen claims he has suffered from it. And, see how Stephen responds. This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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