Ceanne claims her mother, Jemma, has been abusive to her and her sister their entire lives. The 30-year-old claims that at 12, her mom spanked her with a wooden spoon until the spoon snapped in half, an accusation Jemma vehemently denies. She claims that even now, her mother continues to physically and verbally abuse her – and that her mother’s abuse caused her to become an alcoholic.

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Ceanne’s husband, Derek, claims that Jemma escalates problems “from bad to worse.”

“Jemma wants Ceanne to get help but she wants her to do it her way,” Derek says. “She tells all of her friends and family about it and tries to control her through embarrassment or threats.”

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Derek recalls an incident in which he says Ceanne was extremely intoxicated and he reached out to Jemma for advice on how to help calm Ceanne down.

“She told me, ‘If any of my daughters want to fight you like a man, then punch that bitch in the face like a man,’” Derek claims, admitting that he slapped his wife across the face. “I feel like I’ve been pushed to physical violence to defend myself in my relationship with my wife. So living with that abuse had an effect on me to where now I’m becoming the abusive one when I wasn’t before. I’m committed to not behaving that way any longer, and Ceanne is as well. Jemma really just needs to recognize the progress Ceanne’s made and butt out.”

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In the video above, Jemma denies the conversation occurred and calls it an “absolute lie.” And Ceanne confronts her mother. Are Ceanne and her sisters making up or exaggerating Jemma’s behavior? Will Jemma acknowledge her daughters' allegations and apologize? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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