Ed’s family claims that he’s had manic episodes ever since he started using medical marijuana to manage his pain after undergoing neck surgery in 2019. They say he quit his job in the aerospace industry, has been arrested multiple times, destroyed his credit, and moved to Nevada.

Acknowledging that he does have episodes of mania and that he has been arrested on several occasions – including for DUI and battery, Ed claims his behavior has been “interpreted” by others as him being either drunk or high. He insists that’s not the case, claiming, “My manic behavior would single me out and draw the attention of law enforcement.”

Ed says that when he left his marriage, he initially went to his parents’ home. He claims they were unsupportive and overbearing, which “triggered a nervous breakdown” and led to him moving away.

In the video above, Ed discusses his mental health diagnosis and history of substance abuse with Dr. Phil. Later, when Dr. Phil offers to arrange for Ed to visit Amen Clinics for a full physiological and neurological evaluation, will Ed accept the help? Watch Monday’s episode, “From Businessman to ‘Cowboy Tygg,’” to find out.

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WATCH: Man’s Family Claims Alcohol, Medical Marijuana, Responsible for Dramatic Personality Shift

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