Paul claims his parents, Carrol and Frank promised him the family business, but then sold their pet store out from under him. He now claims he’s entitled to the money they received from its sale, but Carrol and Frank say the pet store was never Paul’s.


“I didn’t give Paul any of the money from the sale because he didn’t put a penny in it,” says Carrol claiming that Paul quit – or was fired – multiple times over the years.

Frank claims Paul was a “bad” employee who stole more than he made. “He would ring things up, make it look like an error and pocket the money. He would give credit back on purchases and pocket the money,” he says alleging that Paul stole upward of $20,000 from the store over the years Paul claims he took money because his parents owed him a salary.

The couple claims that since they retired and sold the business, Paul has forged Carrol’s name on checks and has ordered $10,000 in merchandise using their Amazon account. Paul says he’ll keep doing it until he gets the money he claims he’s owed.

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“He thinks simply because he wants something that we should give it to him and pay for it,” says Carrol. She admits she’s purchased homes, cars, and paid Paul’s utility bills for years. Why does she say she does it? Tune in to Tuesday’s Dr. Phil.

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