Nick says he stopped working in construction four years ago so he could pursue his dream of becoming a famous “murder rapper.” The 37-year-old dresses as a horrorcore-genre clown to create videos of rap songs under the stage-name “King Krimzon.”

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“As soon as I put on the contacts, I become a different person,” Nick tells Dr. Phil on Thursday’s episode.

Explaining that he feels more confident when playing the horrorcore character he adds, “It’s not that I want to be purposely bad or immoral, I want to express myself. I do make music, but at the same time, I have fun doing it.” Nick claims that portraying King Krimzon is like therapy for him. Stressing that he’s doing it “for entertainment purposes,” he says that just because he sings about murder and killing, “It doesn’t mean I am going to murder.”

Nick claims he’s a great father, and that his 3-year-old son, Krimzon, “means the world” to him. Why do his wife, Melissa, and her mother, Linda, say they’re concerned that exposure to Nick’s music and his murder-rapping alter-ego could be harmful to the child?

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