Lindsay Buziak, a Canadian real estate agent, was savagely murdered while showing a home 11 years ago. The police claim there was no DNA or fingerprints and that a weapon was never found – and the case remains unsolved.

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Lindsay’s father, Jeff, claims his daughter’s murder was well planned and executed – most likely by someone who knew her. And, he claims the police aren’t doing enough to find out who killed Lindsay.

“Every year, I hold a public walk for justice in honor of Lindsay. The walk ends at the police station, because I feel that’s where the responsibility lies to solve Lindsay’s murder,” Jeff says on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil. “I believe they’re incompetent and they’re not doing their job.”

WATCH: Father Says Details Of Daughter’s Murder Are ‘Absolutely Horrific’ 
In the video above, learn about a website Jeff created and why he says the police have asked him to take it down. And, hear some of the critical comments Jeff has posted on social media and made publicly against the Saanich police department.
On Friday, hear why Jeff, who vows to search for Lindsay’s killer until the day he dies, says he believes his daughter may have been murdered. Check here to see where you can watch.  
If you have any information about the murder of Lindsay Buziak, call the Lindsay Buziak Tip Line at: 1 (888) 980-1919.

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