Michelle and Tom are divorced, and each is fighting for custody of their two young sons, ages three and six.

Tom, who says he hasn’t seen his children in about six months, claims Michelle will “do anything” to keep him from his boys, and says someone “very, very, very close” to Michelle told him she tried to hire [them] to kill him. “Her words to this person were ‘I have some money – can you get rid of Tom?’ His answer to her was ‘That’s not something that you want to do. You need to think about this.’”

Michelle absolutely denies ever attempting to have Tom killed.

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When Tom claims Michelle attempted to stab herself with a knife in front of their kids, she says she would never try to kill herself. “No man is worth my life. I have a life for my children.”

In Michelle’s version of the event, she claims she was holding the knife to protect herself from Tom; who she says was chasing her through the house. Tom denies he had anything to do with the incident, and claims he was upstairs packing his bags to “leave the marriage” at the time.

Tom and Michelle trade allegations of cheating, mental abuse, and domestic violence on On Thursday’s Dr. Phil. But what is their response when he asks: “Do you all realize what you just described – that your children were witness to?”

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