Will Witt, a former Prager University personality and current editor-in-chief at the Florida Standard, says he conducted an experiment at UCLA to prove a point about cultural appropriation. Witt wore a Chinese outfit and hat and asked students what they thought about his “Halloween costume.” 
“I made that video to prove anti-white ivory tower professors, like the one in your studio, wrong,” Witt says to Dr. Phil in the video above. “This video and the others I’ve made like it, with Native Americans, with Mexicans, with the Chinese you just watched, are irrefutable evidence that people like that professor are exactly wrong on cultural appropriation.”

Hear more from Witt in the video above, including what he says to Dr. Neal Lester, Foundation Professor of English at Arizona State University, who says people need to be concerned about cultural appropriation.
On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Appropriation Nation: Has it Gone Too Far?” hear from a woman who says she received death threats for wearing a dress from another culture and another who says people need to stop stealing other cultures’ foods and calling them their own. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Writer Says People Need To Stop Stealing Other Cultures’ Food, Calling It Their Own, And Profiting From It

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