Jeremy and Kelly have been married for seven years and are raising three little girls. Jeremy says a year ago, he started having multiple health problems with painful symptoms that he says he believes are caused by borax poisoning. Jeremy claims he found a box of borax in his wife’s car, and says that proves it has to be Kelly who’s poisoning him.

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“I am not trying to poison or kill my husband in any sort of way,” says Kelly, denying Jeremy’s allegations. She says the borax he found was given to her by a family member so that their daughter could make bouncy balls. An assertion the family member corroborates.

Kelly claims Jeremy’s urine and bloodwork prove hee doesn’t have borax in his system; but, she says, he doesn’t believe the test results. “Jeremy has become paranoid, depressed and delusional.”

Kelly says Jeremy does suffer from multiple medical issues, including kidney stones and Chiari malformation. She also says he only started accusing her of poisoning him after he started taking testosterone injections.

Has Kelly been poisoning Jeremy with borax, as he claims? Or is there something else at the root of his health issues? Dr. Phil examines the on Friday’s episode. Click here to find out where you can watch.

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