After Jamison Adsit was accused by a co-worker of committing a sexual act with a patient, he was charged and convicted of committing a criminal sex act in the second degree and served five years in prison. But Jamison adamantly denies any wrongdoing, and says he was the one who was attacked and that he went to prison for ‘something I didn’t do.’

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“After I was arrested, everything that could have went wrong, did go wrong,” says Jamison.

He says his mother hired a “reputable law firm” to represent him but when they ran out of money, he had to “settle” for a public defender who he claims was a “nightmare.”

“He did not go through any of my evidence. He never even told me how he was going to approach my defense,” Jamison claims. “The first day at trial, my attorney told them that this is nothing more than consensual sex. He proceeded to say that the only reason that I was there was because I was not aware or understanding of her mental status.”

Jamison continues, “Right there in the courtroom, I wrote down on a yellow pad to him, ‘What the * are you doing?’ He said, ‘I know what I’m doing.’”

Jamison’s mother, Heidi, says there’s no way her son would have ever committed such an act, and she wants to help him clear his name. 

“Four weeks before my son’s trial, the woman who attacked my son died of a drug overdose. On top of that, the woman told the nursing staff that nothing happened. That was never presented to the jury,” Heidi says. She also claims Jamison’s former co-worker is not a reliable eyewitness because his story changed numerous times.

“The gentleman who was the eyewitness was supposed to show up to trial and never did. They had to actually issue a warrant to pick him up so that he would testify at my son’s trial,” Heidi continues. “And when he was there, his statement changed from his to the nurses. Then, at the trial, it changed again. That definitely should have cast doubt on his testimony.”

Jamison claims that there was no DNA evidence in this case, except for an old, degraded bodily fluid spore. “When they ran the DNA test on it, it didn’t even match me. It was completely ridiculous – no case, no evidence, and I still wound up going to jail for something I didn’t do,” he says, maintaining his innocence.

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“Having been trained in forensic psychology and working a lot in the court system, I understand that eyewitness reports are probably the least reliable pieces of evidence that you can find,” Dr. Phil says to Heidi, Jamison, and Fred, who filed the report on Jamison. “Not because they have a bad intent, they’re just not very reliable. “ 

In the video above, Fred uses a diagram to show what took place the night he says he caught Jamison in a sexual act with a patient.

On Tuesday's episode, Dr. Phil reviews the DNA report. Does it clear Jamison’s name? Watch more here.