Andrew claims he’s innocent of molesting his fiancée, Camma’s, 8-year-old daughter in 2015. And though he confessed to – was convicted – and is currently awaiting sentencing on charges of statutory rape and, he says he loves the child, and wouldn’t do anything to harm her.

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“We were a happy family until the father of my fiancée’s daughter got involved by manipulating her to telling her stories that would break up the relationship and helped to get custody of her – and I would never – ever emotionally, physically [or] mentally hurt this child. I love her as my own daughter,” he says in the video above.

Brandon denies the claim that he coached his daughter to lie about being abused by Andrew. Camma says she’s sticking by her fiancé and wants help to prove him innocent.

When Dr. Phil weighs in on the consistency of the girl’s reporting of the alleged abuse over a span of several months, is Camma persuaded to rethink her and Andrew’s claims that the child lied?

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This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Woman Claims Her Ex Has A History Of Coaching Their Daughter To Lie About Sexual Abuse