Kim says that for years as a child she was molested repeatedly by her father, Bob. Bob, who spent four years in prison for sexual assault, admits being sexual with Kim but says he’s tired of being painted as a monster for something he insists was consensual.


“Kim thinks that she didn’t have a part in what happened between us at all. That she didn’t participate willingly,” he says, claiming that he never forced Kim to do anything against her will. “She always had the choice.”

Continuing he says, “Her curiosity led to my excitement, so how is that 100 percent my fault?”

Bob says he knows he was the adult, “But I just don’t like the fact that Kim plays totally innocent of the whole thing when, in fact, half the stuff we did was her idea.”

When Bob sees his daughter again after several years of having no contact, does he take responsibility for abusing her?

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This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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‘Nothing Was Forced On Her,’ Claims Man Convicted Of Molesting His Daughter