Leighton, 35, and Mariah, 24, have been dating off-and-on for the past four years, but Mariah’s mother, Julianne, says she doesn’t trust him. She says she blames Leighton for getting Mariah hooked on drugs; and also alleges he’s a “con man” who bilked a friend out of $70,000, faked being injured to get opiates from a hospital, started a crowdfunding campaign to pay for cancer treatments, when he didn’t have the disease - and falsely reported to police that he’d been kidnapped.

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“I was held against my will. I went there on my own will, and when they found out that I had a large sum of money, they kept me there,” says Leighton, who denies the accusation that he lied.

What does Leighton say when Dr. Phil walks him through the rest of Julianne’s claims? And how does Mariah respond when she’s told she’s been splitting hairs over insignificant details when she accuses Julianne of blowing things out of proportion?

This episode airs Friday. Find out where to watch here.

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