Brothers Dominic and Ezekiel, died several years apart. Ezekiel died in 2007 as an infant. The children’s mother, Jennifer, says Ezekiel’s death was SIDS-related. Dominic died in 2015 from hydrocodone toxicity in combination with sepsis at age 10. Jennifer and her husband, Joseph, are currently facing charges of criminal child abuse in connection with Dominic’s death. The case is pending.

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The boys’ older sister, Rebecca, claims it’s her dad – not Jennifer - who is responsible for the deaths of her brothers. She claims Joseph dominates and hits her mother and is abusive of his children. Joseph strongly denies her allegations.

“Me and my brother would get into fist fights, and my dad would chase my little brother around the house to beat him,” claims Rebecca.

“Where’s your mother when this is going on?” asks Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode.

“Either she’s sleeping, sitting on the couch, or working,” says Rebecca. “Sometimes she would get in his face for it - other times she wouldn’t,” Rebecca claims her father was arrested and sent to jail numerous times for domestic violence.

Joseph is currently in jail in connection with a probation violation. The case is pending. Tune in to Tuesday’s episode to find out why Joseph claims they were arrested as “retribution” for a lawsuit the couple filed against their son’s doctor.

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