Tom and his ex-wife, Christine, divorced when their now 20-year-old quadruplets, Jackie, Liz, Maria, and Nick, were 6. The former couple shared custody of their kids, including their older sister, Antonia. Each claims their home was the more structured environment. Tom and Christine blame one another for their children’s problems, including learning difficulties, eating disorders, self-harm, and aggressive behaviors.

“I don’t know if their dad’s behavior made them more aggressive,” says Christine, who claims her ex-husband was abusive toward her and their kids.

Tom vehemently denies Christine’s claim. He says the quadruplets were around 16 when the girls started destroying his home, putting holes in the walls, refusing to clean, and helping to create the cluttered, unhygienic house he shares with Maria, Liz, and Nick today.

“When Maria and Liz get mad – watch out because walls are going to get punched,” he says.

Liz and Maria both say they have anger issues and carry a lot of resentment for their father.

Watch the video above to see what happened in part one of this two-part episode, '“Quadruplets: House of Chaos!” Then, on Tuesday’s conclusion, “Quadruplets Face Off,” hear from Liz and Maria’s sister, Jackie, brother, Nick, and older sister, Antonia.

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