Traci vehemently denies her daughter Ashley’s claim that she has a drinking problem. Ashley claims that Traci drinks until she passes out and has injured herself and others while drinking. She also claims that her mom’s boyfriend, Jeff, enables her drinking.

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Jeff acknowledges that Traci drinks anywhere from 3-5 vodkas nearly every night, and often passes out, but adamantly denies that he enables her. Instead, he says, he’s tried to teach Traci how to control her drinking, but, “She gets mad at me and just says, ‘No,’ and just drinks more,” he says.

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Jeff says he doesn’t believe that Traci is dependent on alcohol. “It’s not like she gets up in the morning and starts drinking,” he says in the video above.

How does Jeff respond when Dr. Phil says, “Alcoholism is not defined by the time of day that you drink”?

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