Carie Zapletal hasn’t been heard from since disappearing from her home in December of 2014 without a phone, wallet, car or coat, in 34 degree weather. Her daughter, Shelbie, says she suspects foul play at the hands of Carie’s husband, Ed. However, Ed denies the accusation and claims Carie was a drunk who spiraled out of control, using drugs and attempting suicide in the weeks before her disappearance, and that she left their home of her own will.


“Shelbie needs to realize that Carie’s got a lot of issues,” Ed says. “Carie’s an alcoholic and binge drinker. When Carie’s been drinking, she can get really crazy.” He also says that Carie has been violent toward him and is known to “abuse prescription drugs.”


Ed says that he believes Carie was severely depressed, and overwhelmed caring for him after his stroke, and that she’s alive and has just gone off the grid.


“She was growing more distant. She told me that she had guzzled an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol trying to commit suicide, and she was disappointed that it didn’t end her life,” Ed says.

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However, Shelbie says she doesn’t believe Ed’s claims.


“Ed is trying to paint a picture that my mom is a crackhead or a prostitute. That idea is absolutely absurd,” she says, adding that her mother was not suicidal. “Right now, there is over $2,000 in my mom’s bank account. If she were in the streets strung out on drugs, why hasn’t she touched her money?”

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“It’s very difficult for Shelbie to accept that her mother is gone. She’s looking for someone to blame,” Ed says. “This is all on Carie.”


In the video above, Ed tells Dr. Phil why he is “totally convinced” that Carie is still alive. This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Check here to see where you can watch.