Cheyenne claims that when her parents kicked her out of the house for not respecting the rules, she left with just two dollars in her wallet.

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Through a series of events Cheyenne says she met and started living with Chris and his girlfriend, Brooke. Cheyenne claims she has performed over 100 massages since moving in with her new friends. She also says she earns about $150 per massage, of which Chris takes a percentage.

All three deny they’re engaging in prostitution, and Chris says while he does take a cut of the young women's’ massage money, he’s only holding it to pay the rent and to buy food and other necessities for the women “When Cheyenne doesn’t have clients for three-four-five days at a time, the money goes right back to her.”

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Despite facing felony charges for deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution, Chris is adamant he doesn’t consider himself a pimp. “I honestly didn’t know about the ‘happy endings’ until I got arrested,” says the young man.

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