Margaret and Tom divorced when their son, Tommy, was in the third grade. Now 22, Tommy claims when his parents were married they fought constantly. “If they weren’t fighting – they weren’t in the same room,” he says.

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Describing his relationship with Margaret as “toxic and codependent,” he claims she once told him he was “a waste of a perfectly good kid.” Tommy also claims his father is verbally abusive and refuses to stand up for him.

Both of Tommy’s parents claim he’s mentally ill, but Tommy says he blames his parents for the emotional issues he suffers today. “I’m a product of my environment,” he claims.

Tommy says this past year has been hell for him. His says his best friend shot himself, and he found the body. A few days later, he says, two other good friends were killed in a traffic accident.

“That was the start of the downward spiral that started it all,” he says. Tommy claims he pitched a tent in the desert and has been sleeping there on and off, ever since.

Tommy says he wants his parents to “step it up,” and help him through because he can’t do it on his own. Do they agree to come together in support of their son? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil.

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