Matt claims his younger brother, AJ, is toxic, short-tempered, lazy and neglects his child. He says he’s concerned for AJ’s 4-year-old son and would adopt him if he could, just to give the boy a safe environment to grow up in.

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AJ, 32, says he knows he’s not always the best father, but claims he’s been struggling since the death of his 81-year-old grandmother, eight years ago. AJ found her beaten and near death after a brutal home invasion. Now he says his PTSD is so bad that he can’t work or pay his bills. He claims that at times he’s so impaired that he doesn’t have the energy or the focus to care for his son.

“The biggest problem with AJ is that he refuses to get help for his PTSD,” says Matt, claiming his brother self-medicates with marijuana and alcohol. “Before my grandmother passed away, AJ’s explosive behavior was once a month. Now his explosive behavior has become almost a daily occurrence.”

Matt says he knows AJ loves his son but claims he just doesn’t have the capacity to take care of the boy. “My biggest fear is that something terrible is going to happen to my nephew because of his father’s violent outbursts.”

How does AJ respond to his brother’s accusations?

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