Keoma says he met Holly three years ago online. Shortly after they started dating, he proposed, and she said yes. However, the couple has never met in person. Keoma is from Brazil and lives in London, and Holly lives in the United States – but he says he still wants to marry her.

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“You said you were going to give her a son, and she was going to give you citizenship, correct?” Dr. Phil asks Keoma on Monday’s episode.

“Yes, because I would like to live in America, but not only this. I would like to try a life with her because I really loved her,” he says. “I said if we don’t match, I could pay her, and she could help me.”

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“If you love her, why do you send her pictures of yourself with other women?” Dr. Phil asks.
Hear Keoma’s response in the video above. And, hear why Holly says to him, “You’ve lied to me many times. You’ve cheated on me.”
On Monday, meet Holly’s other fiancé, whom she also met online. And on Tuesday, the two fiancés meet for the first time, and Holly reveals a secret she’s been keeping. Check here to see where you can watch.