John says two years ago, he agreed to let his sister Karen move into his home when her life started to spiral out of control and she lost almost everything she owned. He now says he’s at his wits’ end because of her erratic behavior, but says despite the pain she is causing him and his wife, Ronda, he can’t turn his back on her.

“For the past two years, Karen has accused me of following her, stealing from her, changing the car parts on her car. It’s completely untrue,” John says. “Having her living under my roof, in my house has been the biggest nightmare of my life.”

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John says that Karen used to have a very successful business and a beautiful home, and she was the ‘star of my life.’ “She was my idol. She didn’t do any drugs. She worked seven days a week. She created a business. It was all work and no play,” he says of Karen.

John claims that changed when Karen, who was sober for many years, started using drugs again. He believes her drug use is fueling her paranoia. John says that once her behavior changed, he drug tested his sister, and says, at the time, she tested positive for methamphetamines, PCP, marijuana, angel dust and ecstasy “all at the same time.”

Ronda claims that Karen is ‘paranoid’ and ‘delusional.’ “Over the years, I’ve seen her get progressively worse,” she says. “It started out with people in her computers, now, microchips in her eyebrows.”

Karen says she is convinced that her phones and computers have been hacked and that microchips have been implanted in her eyebrows, while she was sleeping, all in an effort to track her every move. She says that she has witnessed some suspicious activity in her brother’s home and questions if he is the one behind all her troubles.

“I think a lot of the things that have been done to me have been done by my brother, John,” she says. “It’s really hard to live with someone who might be trying to destroy you.”

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John denies Karen’s allegations and says despite her ‘destroying’ his couch, computers and phones, he can’t abandon Karen. “I know that if I turn my back on my sister, I know that she would end up on the street. I can’t let her go down this path,” he says.

The family turns to Dr. Phil for help. Will Karen take his advice and his offer of help? Watch more from this show.