Dylan says he’s still grieving the loss of his best friend, Bryce, who died of an overdose two years ago. Dylan says he found Bryce and attempted to perform CPR, but it was already too late. Now he says he’s paralyzed by anxiety, guilt, depression and panic attacks.

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On Friday’s episode, life coach Mike Bayer asks Dylan, “Where in your life today do you feel like you have purpose?”

“When I find it, I’ll let you know,” the 22-year-old responds. Continuing,[comma] he says, “Just, after everything that’s happened over the past two years, it’s kind of hard to find something to live for.”

“Not like suicidal - just find a reason - some type of, like you said, purpose so I can move on with my life and be productive.”

Do Mike and Dr. Phil have a plan to help Dylan move through his grief?

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