Mark currently lives in his beat-up car which he parks in a big box parking lot. The 41-year-old admits he has had trouble supporting himself – often relying on his parents to pay his bills and give him money.

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However, Mark says he’s not going to let his current living situation stop him from finding a sweet-natured, family-oriented Christian woman to spend his life with. He says he is on many different dating websites and thought he found the love of his life in Columbia – until his sister, Jill, influenced her.

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“Her feelings toward me changed when Jill intervened and wrote her,” Mark tells Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode. “Jill wrote her saying that I’ll never be able to take care of her kids. I’ll never be able to take care of her.”

Hear more about Mark’s relationship with this woman in the video above, including his family’s perspective on their relationship. And, Dr. Phil reads excerpts the woman posted to Mark’s Facebook page. Could Mark be misunderstanding the nature of their relationship?

On Friday, Dr. Phil offers Mark help to get his life back on track. Is he ready? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Experts Offer Advice For How 41-Year-Old Living In His Car Can Start To Get His Life Back On Track