Ken says that when he consulted with Texas neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch regarding a back surgery, the doctor was confident he could help Ken and claimed he could do things other people could not do.
“He bragged that he was the best back surgeon that there had ever been,” Ken claims.

However, after his surgery, Ken claims he wasn’t feeling any better – and Dr. Duntsch suggested he go under the knife again. This time, Ken says he woke up in the ICU.
“The first thing I realized is my legs were just burning like it was a bonfire on them,” Ken says. “Dr. Duntch, he was a quack and crazy man.”
Ken and his wife, Glenda, share what they claim happened to Ken at the hands of Dr. Duntsch in the video above. And, find out what they say they learned about some of the doctor’s other patients.
On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Life After ‘Death’: Lethal Surgeon Sentenced to Prison,” hear from an O.R. nurse who worked with Dr. Duntsch, and a woman who says she considered Duntsch her “second son” until her son became a quadriplegic after undergoing surgery with him. Plus, a former FBI criminal profiler weighs in on Duntsch’s character. Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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