Brooklin and her ex-husband, Cal, a former NBA player, have been divorced since 2010, but currently live under the same roof together with their daughters.

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Now 34, Brooklin says she’s struggled with drug addiction since her 20s but claims she’s currently clean and sober; though she had a brief relapse earlier this year. She also says being a mom isn’t enough for her. She wants to pursue a career as an actress and model.

Referring to her past battles with drug addiction, Cal, who claims he supports Brooklin in her career goals, says, “I think the key thing to understand is that a lot of the same struggles are still going on.”

He also says that things have not been going well at home, and that’s created a bad environment for their children.

Cal says he’s hopeful his ex-wife can learn to identify and remedy some of the issues she struggles with. When Dr. Phil refers her to Willow House at The Meadows Behavioral Healthcare will she agree to go?

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