John says his daughter-in-law Sarah is to blame for stealing his son, Pat, filling his head with evil and turning Pat against him.

“Sarah’s been in the front of all of our problems,” says John, who calls his daughter-in-law immature, disrespectful and useless. “Sarah’s on my case constantly on what I do. In the past 10 years that they’ve been married, that’s all Sarah’s done, always been on my case about something.”

John also contends that Sarah controls Pat with an “iron fist.” “Whatever Sarah says, Patrick does,” he says.

However, Sarah disagrees with John’s characterization and says if her husband wanted a relationship with his father, he could have one. “Pat makes his own decisions,” she says.

The family’s relationship has been estranged since Pat and Sarah have accused John of being delusional, violent, paranoid and a threat to their family – accusations that John denies. 

John says that he wants to rebuild his relationship with Pat and Sarah, but his efforts fall on deaf ears. “They always will hold a grudge and they’ll just let it get bigger, and bigger and bigger,” he says.

In the video above, Dr. Phil speaks with John and Sarah about what each can do to help heal their relationship. This episode of Dr. Phil, “Scared of My Own Father … Scared of My Own Son,” airs Monday. Watch more here.