“My relationship with my two oldest daughters is tenuous right now,” says Lance. “I got divorced from their mother. Brittany and Brandi are holding on to those resentments and can’t get past that.”

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Lance says Brittany and Brandi, along with their younger sister, Brooklyn, also complain about his drinking and dating habits, but they need to butt out of his personal life.

“I was having issues after my divorce. I started drinking heavily and pursuing other relationships. They tended to be younger women,” Lance says, admitting that he is flirtatious. “My daughters have always had issues with the ages of my ex-girlfriends. I felt it was none of their business. “

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He says another conflict he has with his daughters is around the subject of his drinking. “I think I can control my alcohol consumption. My daughters believe otherwise,” Lance says.
Hear more in the video above. And, Lance’s daughters express why his online behavior concerns them.
On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear more from the sisters, including why they say their father’s behavior makes them uncomfortable. Does Lance think he needs to change? Check here to see where you can watch.

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