“Renna is enabling Cameron to death,” says Bobby. He says his estranged wife, Renna, makes it easy for their son, Cameron, to live addicted to drugs. “Renna cooks for him, cleans for him, washes his clothes. She takes care of pretty much whatever he needs.”

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Renna says Cameron is a mama’s boy, and that’s why it’s so hard for her to say no to him. “I have driven into neighborhoods looking for heroin. That’s the type of hold that Cameron has on me,” Renna admits.

The couple agrees that their differing ideas of how to help Cameron damaged their 30-year marriage when Bobby gave Renna an ultimatum to choose between him or Cameron, and she chose Cameron.  

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“I’m trying to get him in jail because that’s the safest place for him,” Bobby says. “I put him up in a halfway house. Two months into that, he was, obviously, using. Then, I found out his mother had put about $1,000 in his bank account.”
“I just feel like, maybe, I’m his savior,” Renna says.
Hear more about Renna’s behavior in the video above. And on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, meet Cameron and see what a day in his life is like. Plus, find out the shocking confession Cameron makes to Dr. Phil producers. Check here to see where you can watch.