Megan claims that when her son, Avery, was 3, he told her that his father touched him inappropriately. She claims she called CPS and followed their guidance. However, she admits that the next day, she allowed her son to see his father for visitation.

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Andy, the boy’s father, emphatically denies the allegation. In fact, he questions why Megan would have asked him to pick up Avery the next day if she actually believed the accusation. Noting that this happened right before a custody hearing, he says, “You know in your heart, you know deep in, I would never do something like that, and you did it just out of spite.”

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Hear more of their conversation in the video above. How does Megan explain her behavior? And, Dr. Phil has some strong words for Megan as he questions her about her allegation.
On Tuesday’s episode, will Megan, who lost custody of Avery, stop blaming others and listen to what it will take to be in her son’s life? Check here to see where you can watch.

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