Suzy says she came down with a “mysterious illness” 10 years ago that she claims forces her to constantly eat from the time she wakes up until she goes to bed. She claims that if she doesn’t consume a minimum of 7,000 calories a day, her body will start to convulse and tremble.

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Suzy says her condition has caused her to lose most of her friends, family, and loved ones. Her ex-boyfriend, Louie, says he has witnessed Suzy’s deterioration and physical reactions to everything.

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“It’s so painful watching Suzy go from this vivacious, gregarious, social, beautiful girl to what she is now,” says Louie, noting that she has put on weight and that her self-esteem has been “completely annihilated.”

Louie says he’s not sure what Suzy’s health condition is, but because she stuck by him when he was going through difficult times, he’s going to stick by her.

And later, what does Suzy’s friend, Maxine, say she believes may be contributing to Suzy’s illness?

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