Josh and his fiancée, Jen, admit their relationship has been filled with physical fighting. Jen admits that she attacks Josh when her anger takes over, but she claims Josh’s response to her violence is much worse than anything she does to him. Josh admits he’s gotten physical with Jen but claims he acts out of self-defense.

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“She initiates all the physical fights,” Josh tells Dr. Phil on Wednesday’s episode. “If somebody’s pulling anybody’s hair, like, did they not have the right to, you know, not get their hair pulled?”

“Do you not have the right to pull her hair back?” Dr. Phil says to Josh. “What are we in kindergarten?”

“Exactly. It doesn’t make any sense,” Josh says. “What am I supposed to do? Now, you have somebody attacking you.”

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“This is the problem here,” Dr. Phil says. “People resort to physical violence when they run out of socially acceptable ways to express themselves.”

Is there any hope for this “toxic” relationship? See what Dr. Phil thinks on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.


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