Andrea’s new boyfriend, Jordan, claims her ex-husband, Bobby, is a deadbeat dad who does nothing but harass her “all day – every day.” Jordan says Bobby texts Andrea nonstop; calling her “every name in the book – and some you have never even heard before.”

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Jordan says Bobby has done a background check on him, called his ex-wife fishing for information, and bad mouths him to Andrea’s 6-year-old son.

Bobby claims he didn’t begin looking in to Jordan, until “he started focusing his attention – started insulting me, and trying to negotiate my time with my child. I wanted to find out why he’s not in his children’s life.”
Bobby admits he didn’t find much on Jordan.

Jordan claims Bobby called his work trying to get him fired; and claims Bobby is trying to get him to break up with Andrea. “One night Bobby texted me and told me Andrea was out cheating – and she was lying next to me in bed all night long.”

“Bobby has texted me saying that he wants to destroy me – he will ‘end’ me,” says Jordan. “He has absolutely no idea who he’s dealing with.”

When Andrea claims Bobby is trying to sabotage her relationship with Jordan and badmouths her to their son, Bobby denies saying anything negative to the boy about his mother.

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