Mike and his girlfriend, Jazmon, have been together for more than a year and both admit that there has been violence in their relationship, but Mike claims he acts in self-defense.

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“Jazmon is usually the one that throws the first punch. I’ve only laid my hands on her in reaction to her hitting me first,” Mike claims. “Her family thinks I’m abusing her. In reality, it’s usually just some slapping back and forth.”

Jazmon’s mom and stepdad say they fear for Jazmon’s safety.

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“Her parents have only heard negative things about me. Jazmon is to blame for some of this. Jazmon lies to her mom,” Mike continues. “She needs to tell her family about the positive things and not exaggerate the negative. I feel like with Jazmon’s parents, they need to give me a chance, a chance I’ve never had.”

In the video above, see what happens when it’s time for Mike to join Jazmon and her parents on Dr. Phil’s stage. And on Tuesday, hear what Jazmon says about their relationship and if she wants things to change. Check here to see where you can watch.

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