Murat says his wife of less than a year, Holly, is kind, passionate and affectionate. He also says she can be stubborn and “doesn’t let things go.”

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“We argue almost every day,” Murat says. “It’s difficult to live with Holly, because I don’t feel good enough."

Murat admits that when he met Holly he lied about his debt, he claims, because he didn’t want her to judge him.

“When I told her the actual amount of my debt, she started thinking I was a con artist, and I was with her because of her future inheritance,” he says.

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Murat says there have also been physical altercations in their relationship. He claims after one altercation, he tried to hold her until she calmed down and they both fell down.

“Holly claimed that I pushed her down, but that didn’t happen,” Murat says. “I never beat her up. I never kicked her, punched her. I love her so much; I would never do that.”

Murat says another incident landed him in jail for two days.

“We talk about divorce all the time,” the newlywed says. “I feel like she doesn’t know what she wants.”

In the video above, Dr. Phil tells Murat that if Holly knew then what she knows now, she would not have married him. How does he respond? And on Thursday, does Dr. Phil think there’s hope for this marriage? Check here to see where you can watch.

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