Rick’s ex-wife Adriane says she was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer two years ago, but he says he believes that she may have made up the diagnosis.

“She’s lived a lot longer than 99 percent of the people who’ve had this cancer,” Rick says. “I think something’s going on, something fishy. I question her diagnosis to the fullest.”

Rick claims that Adriane and her husband, John, with whom he is at odds regarding who will raise Adriane and Rick’s children once she passes, have received monetary donations through social media and he says he believes they’re spending the money “frivolously.”

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“They have a camper. They bought a brand-new van, a brand-new car. They also have rental properties. They have a nanny, and neither of them work,” John claims. “I want to know where this money is going. I think it’s a scam with this cancer diagnosis. There was one point, the cancer just disappeared. It was gone. I just don’t understand, I really don’t. Is it going to her medical expenses? Or, is it going to live a lavish life?”

Adriane, who is adamant that she is not faking her diagnosis, says people in the community set up fundraisers for her family to help cover the cost of treatments and co-pays; she is also adamant that the money is not being “used to live a lavish lifestyle.”

“I am not faking my diagnosis at all. This is 100 percent real. I have the scars to prove it,” she says.

Dr. Phil reviews Adriane’s medical records with Rick. What do they show? And, he has a stern message for Rick. On Thursday’s episode, can Dr. Phil help this family come to a compromise when it comes to the best interest of the children? Watch more here.