“My life is in shambles. I’m an alcoholic,” admits Matt, a husband and father. “I drink because it helps me stay sane. I escape reality.”

Matt says that he is “done” with his marriage to his wife, Nancy, because of her behavior.

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“My wife calls me crazy all the time. She drives me absolutely nuts. I’ve got so many [expletive] holes in the walls from punching them instead of punching her. I mean I love her and sometimes I want to kill her,” he says. “My wife is a [expletive] conniving bitch. She puts on a good front, and everybody believes how sweet she is. She’s a devil in disguise.”

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Matt, who says he has been to jail 15-20 times in the last couple of years, also blames that on his wife. “Ninety percent of it is because I can’t get along with my wife,” he says. “Two days ago, I had a big fight with my wife at the casino and then I went upstairs, in the hotel room, wrote on the wall that I’m leaving you, don’t contact me and I want nothing to do with you.” He hasn’t talked to Nancy since.

In the video above, Matt tells Dr. Phil how he set his house on fire. Is Matt ready to get his life back on track? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Watch more here.