Kyle admits he can be “short-tempered” with his fiancée, Jordan, but vehemently denies her claims that he’s been physically abusive toward her.

“I have lost my temper in the past. It builds up over a long period of time,” Kyle says. “I don’t get, like, abusive. I get frustrated.”

According to Jordan, Kyle has hit her, kicked her, choked her and left bruises with a move known as a “take down”, in which he says he only uses to prevent her from attacking him when he alleges she is charging him.

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After listening to the couple go back and forth, Dr. Phil asks them if their relationship has “evolved to a parent-child relationship?”

“I believe so. I think I’m kind of the parent in the relationship,” Kyle says, agreeing with Dr. Phil’s assessment.

“And that’s not OK,” Jordan replies.

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“Do you feel superior to her in this relationship?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I don’t feel superior. I want her to be on the same level as me,” Kyle says. “Right now, I do believe she’s not. I believe she wants to be.”

“But right now she’s inferior?” Dr. Phil follows up.

“I hate saying the word inferior, because she is an adult,” Kyle replies, as Jordan tells her fiancé, “He means inferior to you. And yes, I think that is very fair to say.”

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“I guess we can agree on that,” Kyle says.

Watch the video above as Jordan pleads with Kyle to acknowledge what she claims is “really happening” in their relationship.