David says his daughter, Emma’s, life is a “mess” and has been ever since she was a teenager. He claims she’s had multiple abusive relationships and started using drugs at an early age.

David, who hasn’t seen Emma in person in around four years, says he’s been supporting his daughter and her two children financially since his grandchildren’s father died of an overdose.

“I felt if I didn’t help her, she would be in a homeless shelter or living under a bridge with her children,” he says. David estimates he’s been giving Emma around $5,000 per month for the last two-and-a-half years.

Emma’s mother, Susan, claims that Emma manipulates David and that David has been “enabling” Emma by giving her cars and cash for much longer than that – which David admits is probably true.

Why does David say he recently stopped giving Emma money and is prepared to cut her off for good? Watch Friday’s episode, “Broken Ties and Financial Lies,” to find out!

And later, how do David and Susan respond when Emma claims her parents have never been there for her emotionally and have always given her money to keep her away from them?

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