In late 1996, police arrested Jim and Justine; charging them with the ongoing sexual abuse and exploitation of their (then) 13-year-old daughter, Amanda.

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In the video above, Amanda says her parents would take provocative photos and video tape her in various sexual acts with the intent of selling them “worldwide.”

“Jim told me with the money we could make, I could go to college,” says Amanda. She also says she never saw any money from the videos he produced.

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Jim, who doesn’t deny the abuse occurred, says he is ashamed that he can only remember sexually abusing Amanda four to five times. He says to her, “It should have been burned into my memory as much as it was into yours.”

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On Wednesday, Amanda faced Justine on Dr. Phil’s stage. Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil when Amanda confronts Justine and Jim together, for the first time since they were released from prison. Later, Amanda describes how her life continued to spiral out of control even after the abuse stopped and her parents were sent to prison.

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