Hal is living with Auto-Brewery Syndrome (ABS), a rare medical condition that causes his body to produce ethanol and causes him to go from sober to dangerously inebriated without warning – and without drinking any alcohol.

Hal’s long-time girlfriend, Stephanie, says that he blacks out when he has a flare-up, becomes combative, verbally abusive, and sometimes hurts himself. She also says that when Hal is “well” he has little remorse for what he’s said or done during an episode.

“Hal’s ABS has aged me probably ten years,” says Stephanie, noting that she’s afraid the condition will kill him, that she is at a “breaking point” and doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Hal says he lives in “constant terror” that his ABS behaviors will ruin his relationship with Stephanie. Watch the video above to hear what steps Dr. Phil says Hal and Stephanie can take to help safeguard their relationship.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Belligerent and Blacked Out But Not a Drop to Drink,” airs Friday.

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