Walter admits he never tips and says he is completely against the entire tipping system. He says he doesn’t blame tipped employees – he blames their employers for not paying them enough.

Walter says, “If someone is paying their employee $2.13 an hour and the customer doesn’t tip them, who’s the bad guy? The guy who paid $15 for a $15 meal instead of $20, or the boss who’s paying $2.00 an hour?”

Walter says it’s not just in restaurants where he refuses to tip; he never leaves a gratuity under any circumstances - ever.

Why does Walter say he thinks the entire system is corrupt and that tipping should be abolished?

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Tipped Off! Is the Customer Always Right?” airs Monday. And later, hear from workers who rely on tips to make a living. Do they disagree with Walter’s point of view?

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