Orrin claims he’s a cyborg sent from the year 2050 to inform people about impending doom. One of the ways he says he spreads his message is through social media.

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“Our mission, right now, is to save humanity from themselves. We created a digital persona to speak the language of the youth and of humanity,” says Orrin, who speaks in the third person plural.

WATCH: Man Says He’s A Cyborg ‘Sent By A Higher Civilization To Save Mankind From The Matrix’
In the video above from Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear how Orrin says he uses music to “open up people’s awareness” to the problems in society. And, the 24-year-old’s mom has some strong words for her son.

On Friday, hear more about Orrin’s cyborg mission. Can Dr. Phil convince him he’s not a cyborg? Check here to see where you can watch.