Bradley says he and his girlfriend, Kayleigh, were on their way to L.A. to appear on Dr. Phil when during a layover, Kayleigh saw a picture of a “random girl” on his social media page and “lost it.”

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“She basically accused me of cheating with somebody I didn’t even know,” he says. “She caused a complete scene. People were looking at us while they were walking by getting on the plane.” He says he thought they would be kicked off the plane.

“What was your motive there,” Dr. Phil Asks Kayleigh on Wednesday’s episode. “What were you trying to achieve?”

“For him to get rid of the girls off his page that he doesn’t know, that the thousands of girls that he added before when he was single that are all attractive females that he’s liked,” she replies.

How does Kayleigh respond when Dr. Phil asks “But don’t you put up provocative pictures and measure your self-worth as a function of how many likes you get?”

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