Chad insists he had no idea that his wife, Lindsay, was a heroin addict until she overdosed while she was three months pregnant with their son.

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“I was at a crossroads. I couldn’t just leave my wife. I had to help her,” he says.

Then, says Chad, their son was born addicted to heroin. When the baby was 8-months- old, Lindsay was arrested after allegedly driving high with the child in the backseat.

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Chad says he filed an order of protection against Lindsay while she was in jail, but when she got out, he allowed to her move back home, explaining, “I wasn’t going to allow the mother of my child roam the streets.”

Chad claims that Lindsay has been clean for six months and is now on a path to recovery, but his mother, Molly, and sister, Megan, say they believe Lindsay is still using. Over his family’s objections, Chad says he’s giving her a second chance.

How does Chad respond when Dr. Phil asks him, “Do you feel a divided loyalty here?”

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