Jonathon’s live-in girlfriend, Samantha, took her own life in October of 2016, following what he claims was a “particularly stressful time” for her in graduate school - and in their relationship.

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“The issues in our relationship overwhelmed her. She didn’t feel like she was able to talk about any of the problems in her life with most of her friends and family,” he says.

Jonathon claims that Samantha was upset that her father, Dan, “didn’t seem interested in what she was doing with school and work, “and that her stepmother, Katie, “wasn’t being the friend she really needed.”

Katie and Dan claim Jonathon was controlling of Samantha and isolated her from family. They say they blame him for Samantha taking her own life, but Jonathon says he didn’t control or isolate her and he’s not responsible in any way for her death.

“I want Dan and Katie to move on from blaming me for Samantha’s decision, but also to be able to move on from any guilt that they have,” says Jonathon. “I just want them to be able to reach a place of peace.”

He’s accusing Dan and Katie of “ransacking” the home he shared with Samantha, after her death; as well as taking property that did not belong to their daughter.

They say they just wanted to retrieve their daughter’s belongings.

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Man Explains Why He Didn’t Attend His Girlfriend’s Funeral